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Texas Goldens

Golden Retrievers

In Loving Memory of Maggie May



What it's like to get a puppy from us:

During the six to eight weeks after a puppy is born, you can receive weekly pictures and updates. We put color coded collars on the pups on day two. This helps us keep track of weight and growth, as well as personality traits of the puppies. Some puppies quickly show personality traits such as preferring to sleep in a pile of puppies, while others move away a bit to sleep better by themselves. Some pups are more vocal and bark and growl early, and some are more quiet. Some are quick to push other pups out of the way to get exactly where they need to be to nurse, while some pups need more help. As the weeks go on, some are more shy and quiet, and others are more vocal and athletic. Keeping track of all of this helps us to place each puppy with the perfect family. It's fun to share the details with you along the way.

Puppies can go to their forever homes at six to eight weeks, depending on various factors. If you have very small children at home, or larger pets, we prefer to keep the puppies until 8 weeks. If not, and the puppy shows they are mature enough by eating solid foods and showing some sense of independence, you may take your puppy home at six weeks. Just as with human babies, we feel it is important for you to have bonding time with your puppy as early as it is feasible.

When you pick up your puppy, we will provide you with a folder which will include a copy of your contract, Veterinarian and shot records, registration forms, as well as some general information and advice to help make the first days easier for you.

You will also receive a small bag of the food they are used to, as well as a small blanket with the scent of their mother and litter mates.

From the time you put down your first deposit, you are always welcome to contact us with any questions. We love to receive calls, texts, and emails with updates and pictures after you bring your puppy home! For those of you who are traveling to get your puppy, so far everyone has said the puppies travel well, on airplanes and in the car.

Once you get your puppy home, don't be surprised if he or she doesn't eat much the first day. They are getting used to their new environment, and they can be a bit shy at first. Don't let this concern you because it is quite common. Your puppy will feel right at home after just two to three days.

We use "pee" pads for them to go potty at our house. We suggest putting down a few, and then over time put down less and less of them until there is just one. Outside is best, but for overnight or bad weather, it's good to have the pads. If you notice your puppy walking in a circle and sniffing the floor, it means they're about to go.

Please remember that raising dogs is like raising kids. You'll get different advice from everyone, so the best practice is to do what feels right to you, and your Veterinarian will also have lots of answers. You can always contact us, before and after you take your puppy home.

There is also some good advice on the web for how to puppy proof your home. Just as with a baby, you don't want them to choke on small objects, or pull on a cord that could bring something down on their head.

8 Weeks old, about to board an airplane and ready to go!